Safeguarding the world's critical data.

Piql is one-of-its-kind in this world. The solution is future-proof.

Safeguarding the world’s critical data. FUTURE-PROOF


Piql protects your da a Piql is a Norwegian innovative technology company

Piql solution is future-proof Piql has developed a unique and very robust data storage solution which is

ultra-secure, non-hackable, immutable, self-contained, unalterable, migration free, flexible, completely searchable, and permanent – and that has a tested longevity of over 1000 years.We have developed “Bits on Film”, a proprietary technology by which data can be digitally stored on an ultra-high-resolution photosensitive piqlFilm.

that is safeguarding and future-proofing the world’s valuable and critical information , - having created a disruptive and holistic technology and solution for ultra-secure, non-hackable, immutable, and long-term data storage and digital preservation. This unique solution is based both on proprietary and open-source technology components. Piql’s technology is securing society- and business-critical information as well as world memory for tomorrow and the future.

Piql is one-of-its-kind in this world

Piql’s data storage technology is abso lutely unique in this world. No other storage technology can store both human readable and machine readable information on the same storage medium /information carrier, thus no other storage technology can be self-contained. Its longevity is unique and so is the combination of non-hackable/immutable and the immunity to electromagnetic radiation (EMP bombs) and nuclear radiation.

Piql is autonomous and self-contained piqlFilm has a very unique feature that no other storage medium has. Every thing needed for future data retrieval is written in human readable text on the piqlFilm, - i.e. the instructions on how to understand and how to deal with the medium, how to convert the QR-codes back to the original files, file format descriptions and source code for the relevant programs to render/ view the data. All this is included on the film in a human readable form as clear text. This guarantees resiliency against the accelerating development and obsolescence in software and hardware to retrieve and visualise the data in the future.

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Our imaging and data writing technology (i.e. that transfers the data to the piql Film through light modulation of the data – converting the data to super high-resolution QR-codes) is proprietary and protected through patents, trade secrets and copyrights. The reading technology is all based on open-source and license-free software and off-the shelf hardware. This is for the benefits of the clients for future data retrieval independently of specific vendors or technology. Piql is both patented and open-source

Piql is tested over time

The longevity and readback of data from piqlFilm have been tested by an external third-party laboratory (Norner in Norway - This institute have been doing accelerated aging of the piqlFilm over the last 10 years, and a readback of data after an estimated 1000 years (with the piqlFilm stored at a temperature of 20°C and at 50% relative humidity) have been validated. At a temperature of 0° ± 2° C the life expectancy is more than 2000 years. As far as we have been able to verify, no other storage medium has been through such an extensive testing on durability or longevity.

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Piql is tested by third parties

Piql has created a unique and holistic service journey all the way from assessing and advising on the project scope, digitising analogue information like paper documents, books, manuscripts, maps etc.; audio, video, film, objects of art, monuments; adding value to all that information through digital transformation (i.e. extracting and adding indexing infor mation and metadata through the use of AI and Machine Learning), making this information searchable and accessible and ensuring an ultra-secure storage as well as archival and long term preser vation of the digital assets. There is no other company in the world providing such a holistic solution. A unique and holistic service journey

The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI - have assessed our technology and services relative to all kinds of security challenges for storage/preservation of data over time; inside threats, fire, water, chemical compounds, micro organisms, nuclear radiation, sabotage, espionage, electromagnetic radiation, and different forms of “cyber”-threats. “The number of potential risk sources eliminated by the offline properties of the Piql Preservation Services is therefore great.” The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE – wanted to test the piqlFilm’s robustness against electromagnetic and radioactive radiation and has exposed different data storage technologies such as Hard disk, Magnetic Tape, USB stick and Solid-State Drive and piqlFilm to deadly doses of electromagnetic radiation (EMP). “ The only technology that survived was the piqlFilm, all the data could be read back 100%. The other storage media could not even be connected.”

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