Safeguarding the world's critical data.

Piql is tested by third parties

Piql has created a unique and holistic service journey all the way from assessing and advising on the project scope, digitising analogue information like paper documents, books, manuscripts, maps etc.; audio, video, film, objects of art, monuments; adding value to all that information through digital transformation (i.e. extracting and adding indexing infor mation and metadata through the use of AI and Machine Learning), making this information searchable and accessible and ensuring an ultra-secure storage as well as archival and long term preser vation of the digital assets. There is no other company in the world providing such a holistic solution. A unique and holistic service journey

The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI - have assessed our technology and services relative to all kinds of security challenges for storage/preservation of data over time; inside threats, fire, water, chemical compounds, micro organisms, nuclear radiation, sabotage, espionage, electromagnetic radiation, and different forms of “cyber”-threats. “The number of potential risk sources eliminated by the offline properties of the Piql Preservation Services is therefore great.” The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE – wanted to test the piqlFilm’s robustness against electromagnetic and radioactive radiation and has exposed different data storage technologies such as Hard disk, Magnetic Tape, USB stick and Solid-State Drive and piqlFilm to deadly doses of electromagnetic radiation (EMP). “ The only technology that survived was the piqlFilm, all the data could be read back 100%. The other storage media could not even be connected.”

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